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Biometric technology officially settled social security card

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2015-11-13

October 28th from the Ministry of human resources and social security was informed that as of the end of 2015, the national social security card number 800000000, reached 809000000 people, to complete the "Twelfth Five Year" plan of issuing the amount of tasks, to achieve a historic leap, the penetration rate reached 59%.

Human society, said the country in addition to Tibet, the provinces have been fully issued social security card, the level of urban coverage reached 94.5%, 29 provinces have achieved the city under the jurisdiction of the city.

The social security department also said that the social security card is the goal of social security card. At present, the human resources and social security work has entered a new phase of urban and rural areas, covering the whole people, social security card work must further intensify efforts to promote the early realization of the card". To this end, to continue to promote the following aspects of the work:

Steadily issued social security card to work towards full coverage of the crowd. Strive to future two years again SEO 200 million Zhang social security card, is expected to 2017 end of holding card number will over 1 billion, eventually achieved urban and rural residents staff a card; full advance social security card application work, promoted social security card identity voucher, and information records, and self query, and medical settlement, and payment and treatment received, and financial paid six class function of depth application, vigorously promoted social security card in offsite medical, across area business in the of application; further strengthening with card environment construction, building support "a cartoon" of technology guarantees system Properly research and reserve to promote the "one card" innovation. Closely tracking trend of chip technology, actively study the card for wireless payments, based on Internet services, the application of new technologies such as biometrics, technical reserves for the new social security card.

So biometric identification is how to use in the social security card system? First, we must understand that the social security card needs of biometric identification.

As there are many concerning the social security number, biometric identification systems must address 1:n caused by validation and matching accuracy in addition to simultaneously support multiple security agencies for insurance paid, the system must also have a distributed deployment capabilities and, finally, can be combined with the traditional authentication technology to achieve two-factor authentication to further improve the security of the system. System structure and working processes are as follows:

1) feature acquisition mode: the insured person registered in the system, the identity card, age, address, unit and other basic information, set my system login password, and collect biometric information; system will be all user information and its corresponding biological feature set stored in the database.

2) authentication mode: the insured person regularly uses password or identity card to log in system, and carries on the biometric authentication, in order to confirm the identity and survival status of the insured person, and the system can be used to extract the biological characteristics of the user provided by the user.

3) social insurance information system decides how to make social insurance payment according to the identity and survival information.

Biometric application in social security also will encounter some problems. To people face recognition technology for cases: many biological recognition technology experts are think facial recognition technology not a items is security of biological validation technology, first, most facial recognition system are has light, and makeup sensitive of problem, also, looks similar of people may does not more, but in social security this class big range application Shi, is may will caused problem; third, people face recognition system also must face Super fine LaTeX mask, and people face facial features built die technology of challenge, last, United States security experts face recognition systems can cause privacy problems,
Therefore, the face recognition technology is very difficult, and is considered the field of biometrics, or even one of the most difficult research topic in the field of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, biological characteristics of high security, portability advantages of strong and not easily altered, when phishing, but if the biometric can't be easily modified like the modify password, and this for bio-technology popularization and application poses a potential security risk. To this end, it proposes multiple biometrics, the integration of multiple biometric identification of persons [], which significantly improves the security of biological validation technology. Believe with further development of technology, there will be more for social security application is accurate, safe, fast, easy to use biometric technology.