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Biometric technology is integrated into the access control system in order to strengthen identity ma

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-01

Everyone's biometric data is unique, it is impossible to forget Dian lost or stolen, and difficult to counterfeit, and therefore part of the high security requirements of the organization will be biometric technology into access control system, strengthen authentication. In the Asia-Pacific region, more and more industries begin to deploy integrated biometrics smart card technology, including government agencies Dian Dian Bank border control and health care institutions.

Based on contactless smart card technologyBiometric readersYou can support multiple authentication (password + smart cards or Smart Card + Password + Fingerprint), especially for high security requirements of the financial sector (such as treasury) to improve security, and comply with regulatory requirements. Biometric data (such as fingerprint template) is not stored in a central server , But on the cardholder's fingerprint template registered in the smart card (Match-On-Card). When entering the access points, the cardholder is required to beat the card reader and the fingerprint, the cardholder's fingerprint and smart card must match the fingerprint template to open the door. The fingerprint template registered in Smart The card, you can avoid hacking system, to obtain biometric data to provide a more powerful security level.

Over the past decade, the public is increasingly concerned about the security of the country, prompting governments around the world continue to improve existing security policies, to improve the overall level of public security. CurrentlyBiometricsIt has been applied in immigration to help government Border access to government surveillance, identify identity immigration officers. This also led to the advent of the electronic passport, which passport built contactless integrated circuit passport information (IC) chip, can help police through an encrypted biometric Site Data verification of the identity of the passport holder. Electronic passports power provides enhanced security, passport holder's personal data and biometric data (including photos Dian fingerprint or iris) can be safely stored in the passport wafer, and Access through a secure contactless technology. In addition, other government departments also use biometrics to protect critical assets, such as China Jinwan People's Procuratorate in the storage of firearms in the basement deployed HID iCLASS Biometric Reader, in order to prevent unauthorized access. Users must present the card and throughBiometric fingerprintDouble authentication to verify the identity. This can effectively prevent theft and track the use of firearms Who maintain social order.

At present, some companies use biometric readers used for attendance purposes, to identify cardholder identity and record attendance records, generate reports. Dental Council of India, the country has more than 290 last year, Dental college uses HID's SmartID biometric access control readers and EDGEPlus identify employee identity and unified record faculty attendance, thus saving 50% Operating costs, and reduce human error. Indian Dental School faculty often false absences on duty, impact salary calculations. HID The solution enables a standardized central identification system using fingerprint verify cardholder identity and prevent false attendance records, reducing the pay calculation error. SmartID biometric access control readers turned EDGEPlus Troller, and through TCP / IP to access data uploaded to a central management station, more than capable of real-time monitoring, but also to avoid the recording has been tampered with.

Looking to the future, we may biometric technology embedded virtual credentials within smartphones, authentication, increase portability. HID Global recently he and Iris ID iris recognition technology suppliers, iris template exists both iCLASS® virtual credentials, and embedded in NFC smartphone authentication. Embedded IrisAccess® iCAM7000 iris recognition platform

The iCLASS® reader can read the BlackBerry® Bold ™ 9900/9930 smart phones configured within HID Global iCLASS® virtual credentials, to achieve a variety of applications, such as access control and attendance management Dian buildings and other independent identity applications. Users iris templates stored in the NFC BlackBerry smartphones iCLASS virtual credentials, just a handheld NFC BlackBerry smartphone in front iCAM7000 series iris camera read, you can authenticate using the method as generally iCLASS Chi Can cards