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Biometric technology has reached a high level to draw a large audience applauded from

   BiometricsHas become one of the hotspots in the security industry, the Fourth China International Security Forum held recently will also "Access Control and Biometrics technology development and application" as one of the two special this forum. China's development of biometric technology quickly, now more than 250 companies entered this field, but rely on biometrics rarely profitable business, so many people believe that biometrics were praised. In order to understand the situation and the market prospects of biometric technology development, computer portrait combinations, fuzzy image restoration,Face RecognitionAspects of the integrated system has made a number of achievements and patents of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Professor Su Guangda.
   Professor Su Guangda first introduced the current situation of several mature biometric technology.Fingerprint recognitionIt is the most mature biometric technology. Fingerprint in the public security system can be accepted as evidence. But for the deformation of the fingerprint identification fingerprint incomplete there are certain difficulties; some people due to the lack of clarity of the fingerprint easily rejected knowledge, which will also need to continue efforts. Fingerprint recognition has been usedAccess Equipment, Safes, banking authentication, etc., has been relatively well received.Iris RecognitionMore reliable, it has gradually entered the practical stage. Iris image obtained easily accepted by people to promote affected. The face image obtained relatively easily, so a loud voice, some of the world airports, customs begin installation recognition devices, currently the results were less than ideal.
   Why not draw a large audience recognition it? The main is too difficult. Face life changing, "one man of a thousand faces" a bit exaggerated, but indeed a face image is affected more factors: 1, changes in age, physiological, living conditions, and looks at the changes that have what the law is still groping; 2, Also expression, affect posture, as well as horizontal angle imaging, the pitch angle of impact; 3, light problems, such as yin and yang face image; 4, glasses, makeup could change the image; 5, a different portrait collection equipment, such as cameras, camera, scanner imaging mechanism different images are different. Thus fingerprint recognition more difficult than the more challenging.
   However, due to the extensive facial image sources can be collected, and can be hidden collection, not need to be proactive with identifying persons; face recognition technology can be used to monitor the identification, the real "terror" in great need, has become a hot spot. Face recognition technology can do and applauded it? First, not for a new identification technologies required to achieve 100%, not demanding; Second, we must define certain conditions. Under certain conditions, face recognition technology has been able to achieve a very high level, welcomed and applauded. For example, the use of analog video security system to find the suspect, which is the application of face recognition technology, artificial find it difficult to use the computer to find it more convenient. 2000 identified by the Ministry of Public Security "Portrait in combination with Face Recognition Integrated Systems" is the first domestic Tsinghua University successfully developed a face recognition search system for the police department, has been popularized.
   Human iris, fingerprint, DNA is relatively stable, the face image obtaining relatively easy, different people, may be similar to a fingerprint or facial images, but the two are similar to the much lower probability, several identification techniques have complementary properties, Multi-biometric technology integration can reach close to 100% reliability. For example, the research group led by Professor Su studied human face, fingerprint fusion technology has achieved significant results. Research shows that people face in a small angular range (horizontal 0-10 degrees), certified the accuracy of the fusion system than face high fingerprint authentication system of any kind. When a human face, fingerprint FAR to the same value (7.265e-6), the human face of FRR is 0.1788, 0.0336 fingerprint FRR is, face, fingerprint fusion FRR as it reached 0.0067.
   Our biometric technology has reached a high level. Fingerprint, iris, face several methods have certain evidence and science, has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the need of the Olympic Games and public security, biometric technology has been national attention, natural science fund projects, 863 projects, "15" project has biometric technology.
   Many universities, research institutes participated in the identification of biological research. Only Chinese Academy of Sciences, there Automation, Electronics, Computing few, electronics, automation, computer, Tsinghua University has several biometric group. Because of the difficulty of the actual needs and technology, face recognition technology is currently the hottest.
   Our biometric technology is now at a higher level in the world. In 2004 the Third International Fingerprint competition, in the most important test of the maturity of technology product applications Light algorithm testing, the famous recognition technology vendors Hanwang Technology, was invited to participate for the first time on the third place achieved results. In late August of this year, organized during the 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, held in Cambridge, England international human face authentication contest (FAT2004), the research group led by Professor Ding Xiaoqing Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, to all test indicators were first and obtain human face authentication contest "Best overall performance achievement award", described in terms of our recognition algorithm is quite advanced. Ministry of Public Security and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation also a face recognition algorithm testing. As a test of face recognition systems, testing America's FRVT2002 international recognition system is very comprehensive, very authoritative, some companies have reached a very high level.
Standards have for technology development and standardization of great significance, the United States has set out standards, China's Ministry of Public Security is being commissioned Professor Su leadership group responsible for drafting the standard face recognition in public security industry, the first draft has been completed, after After discussion, the Ministry of Public Security, the ongoing revision of the second draft.
   Finally, Professor Su introduced their identification is currently preparing a large human face recognition system and inquiryFace Recognition System Monitoring. Large systems have entered 2.5 million people face images, the use of multiple parallel processing techniques, within 10 seconds the result can be isolated; The system uses a multi-part fusion face, more fusion algorithm, face classification algorithm technology and Accurate multi-pose face capture devices, and proposed the idea of ​​the best two-dimensional face recognition, face recognition technology has made an important breakthrough.
   Face recognition technologyIt can be used for authentication, identification and monitoring of face recognition and other aspects of the query. Currently, the face recognition technology has a convenient, easy-to-man to accept, easy to forge, etc., more and more attention by the governments, the country's new second-generation ID cards can also be embedded in a machine readable face image information. In the application of face recognition systems, fingerprint recognition because of its price and fairly, not only for the public security system faces a query, and can be used for face recognition based access control system and time and attendance systems and many other applications. Face recognition technology is also being from applause to draw.