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Biometric large PK: Which way should you choose?

   Do you often have a question:BiometricsSo many categories, I choose which is the most suitable which have often encountered people ask?:Face Recognition,Iris RecognitionandFingerprint recognitionWhich technology is better?
After the technical experts Sheng industry, in particular the introduction of the topic: Biometric big PK Even if you have the "Select phobia", after reading this article should also know how to choose their own way of biometrics!.
   First, why the needBiometrics?
   Generally speaking, personal authentication in three ways:
   1) Do you have, for example: NFC mobile phones, smart cards;
   2) Do you know, for example: PIN, password;
   3) Finally, is your own.
   Card, token, PIN verification technology only 100 percent guarantee that the information is correct contact, but it is difficult to ensure that this person is real. Biometric technology is to verify that the ring brings people and behavior, and still another advantage is the convenience: You will not lose it, or forget it
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   Second, what are important selection criteria?
   We believe that the quality of the end-user experience and biometric equally important, where there are three factors:
   1) There is no doubt, the hardware product quality is the key factor in the quality of the input image, choose a reliable hardware products are the basis of biometrics;
   2) biological recognition algorithm determines the biometric verification of the results, while also important factors speed and performance, especially in the era of big data, which is especially important;
   3) practicality is a factor in the selection process is often underestimated.
   Third, the choice of which of identification?
   1, the fingerprint is the most widely used and mature a technology, but also the starting point for biometric applications.
Fingerprint recognition is relatively cheap, highly functional, but also a very reliable way to verify. However, if you need more advanced security options, fingerprint reader + smartcard or fingerprint reader + password is a good choice. The low-level security options are generally used in mobile phones or
On the plate, through sensors interact with the user. However, fingerprint recognition is still difficult for some finger (peeling, etc.) and to identify the conditions (damp finger) has a lot of restrictions.
   2, iris recognition has been hailed as the most accurate, most secure biometric way. As a result, the cost of iris recognition is also relatively high, and requires specialized hardware products with. But with iris recognition technology matures, the current cost of iris recognition is no longer a cause "
Discouraged "of the state,Department sail technologyAnd other manufacturers have even developed sophisticated, compact mobile terminal dedicated iris module, cost is also ultra-high.
   3, vein recognition followed, but also more secure and accurate biometric authentication, providing high quality similar to fingerprint authentication, you can directly interact with the user.
   4, face recognition is non-contact, very friendly and convenience, but also a better way to use the camera. It can be widely applied to a variety of environments, including construction sites, mobile devices, website logins, etc., and even does not require special hardware support.
   5, speech recognition is also a very convenient means of identification. For mobile devices, this is a quick and easy verification solution. But quality control speech is one of the key factors affecting the identification and development, which also cause more concerned about safety, but in a call
Heart, customer service can still Exhibition hands and feet.
   6, electronic signature, gait recognition (foot contour), ear fingerprinting and other new technology, at present, still in a wait state.
Technical director of the Department of Science and Technology said the sail, each technology has its own unique advantages and limitations, biometrics as well. You need to do is define your goals and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each biometric technology in order to select the most suitable biometric party
formula. "We specialize in the field of biometrics and data security for 18 years, always with customers to analyze objectives, a clear demand, go to recommend suitable biometric technologies, even in some scenarios require multi-modal biometrics. If you do not consider scenarios, only recommend a Species biometric way, this is not professional, not a responsible attitude. "The Department of sail technology technician also said.
   Fourth, the final conclusion
After reading the above three questions, we might find that kind of biometrics selected and there is no single answer, but look at what you need to do, but there will be a general principle:
   1, low-cost solution still tend to fingerprints, sometimes additional smart card or password;
   2, the mobile solutions typically use face and voice, fingerprint is also very popular, but now iris recognition has become an important means of mobile phone manufacturers to compete.
   3. If you want a non-contact identification, tend to face recognition or iris recognition.
   4, secret surveillance tends to face recognition, voice recognition and gait recognition.
   5, large-scale projects often using fingerprint or iris, such as Chinese resident identity card will incorporate fingerprint biometrics India project contains iris recognition.
   6, a higher security level items tend iris or finger vein recognition, often in combination with the card or password, the formation of multi-factor authentication.
   7, if the authentication condition or environment is bad tend iris recognition, iris recognition because less affected by external factors, such as mine iris solutions.