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Biometric identification in smart locks Why is fingerprint recognition lock the most popular?

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on :2019-11-20

With the emergence of biometrics in the commercial field, more and more biometric technology devices or functions have been applied. In addition to the common fingerprint locks in the field of smart locks, face recognition locks, pupil recognition smart locks, Vein recognition smart locks, etc. However, what are the characteristics of various biometric technologies?

Fingerprint recognition technology

Medical evidence shows that each person's fingerprint pattern is distinct in pattern, breakpoint and intersection, unique and permanent. Fingerprint recognition technology collects fingerprint feature images through optical, semiconductor electronic signals, ultrasonic waves, temperature differences, etc. After digitization and analysis, it is finally extracted as acceptable fingerprint digital feature information, which is used as a reference template or directly for comparison. After years of development and market validation, fingerprint identification technology is a relatively mature and widely used biometric technology with certain advantages.Advantages of fingerprint recognition technology: 1. Practicality: The fingerprint is easy to collect and use. The fingerprint head is small in size and low in acquisition cost, and can be applied to a variety of devices. 2. Good stability: fingerprint recognition technology is more mature. After long-term market inspection, and the fingerprint itself is unique and permanent, fingerprint recognition is relatively stable and reliable. 3. Good convenience: the speed of scanning fingerprints is very fast, and it is very convenient to use; 4. The fingerprint identification product has better cost performance: the fingerprint collection head is more compact and cheaper.

Face recognition technology

Face recognition technology, also known as face recognition technology. People's faces are different, and differences can be found either by anthropological methods measured by a pair of twins. The face recognition technology analyzes the orientation of various organs and feature parts of the face through "local feature analysis" and "graphics, neural recognition algorithm", extracts the digitized information and compares, judges and confirms with the template information in the database.

Advantages of face recognition technology: Face recognition is proactive, people can be identified without touching the device, and even face recognition can actively identify the crowd without people's knowledge.

Disadvantages of face recognition technology: 2. Low accuracy: The current face recognition method mainly focuses on two-dimensional images. Due to the influence of illumination, posture and expression changes, the accuracy of recognition is greatly limited. 3. Higher cost: Improvements in face recognition technology rely on improved extraction features and comparison techniques, and devices that collect images are more expensive.

Iris recognition technology

The iris is located behind the cornea. Before the crystal, the iris structure is stable, and its color is different by the difference and distribution of the pigments. The iris recognition system uses the monochrome video and video technology combined with video technology to obtain iris digital information. The information scanned during verification is compared with the pre-stored template information for identification.

The advantages of iris recognition technology: the collection of biological features is more convenient.

Disadvantages of iris recognition technology: 1. Application popularity is low: the iris recognition system has been tested a lot, but there are no more large-scale applications. 2. Higher cost: the image acquisition device is large; the camera is expensive.

Heart rate recognition technology

Heartbeat recognition is a similar principle, because a person's heartbeat rhythm is generally stable, and the shape of each person's heartbeat is different and will not change. Even if people's heart beats faster, the overall shape of the heartbeat will not change, but once it recognizes the identity of the person. Heart rate recognition technology is a photoelectric sensing measurement method that utilizes light reflection, such as pulse measurement based on photoelectric technology; and the other is electrode sensing measurement using potential.

The advantages of heart rate recognition technology: strong practicality, small heart rate recognizer, can be applied to a variety of devices, and even carry around.

Disadvantages of heart rate recognition technology: the accuracy of heart rate recognition needs to be improved, and the body is photoelectric mode detection.

Voice recognition technology

The speech parameters of human physiological, psychological and behavioral characteristics are reflected in the human speech waveform, and the human voice spectrum includes the time variation of the curve and the characteristics of the driving sound source are different. It is possible to extract features that vary greatly in human speech and have little change in speech in the same person for analysis, comparison, and identification.

At present, the mainstream voice recognition system application is: recording the human voice through the microphone, digitizing and compressing the digital signal processor, extracting the sound image information and storing it in the database, and the sound sound and the characteristics in the database will be collected immediately when applied. Information is matched and identified.

The advantages of voice recognition technology: 1. Voice recognition is a non-contact recognition technology that users can accept naturally. 2. Sound recognition technology has better convenience, economy and accuracy.

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