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Biometric how to choose? Three key can not be ignored

   Equipment selection, the most important application of positioning

   Compared with our common and common ordinary access control equipment.Biometric systemsBring to our lives more convenient, at the same time, there has irreparable squeamish. Thus, for biometric applications, and select the point of use, we have to maintain a more cautious.

   forBiometric Access Control System, We must first understand the product application in this area, the number of users in technology for people, less wear fingerprints, and high-grade office buildings located in the user environment for the (probability less contaminated), fingerprint recognition is a good choice. Currently, for our domesticFingerprint identification equipment, The correct identification rate basically remained at around 95 per cent of small-scale environment for dozens of people have been enough to satisfy. For some of the larger population or within a certain time using a higher frequency of environment, some foreign fingerprint recognition device is probably better meet the needs of users.

   As for the number of users is maintained at a hundred or even a thousand or more, or some relatively important sector, HandReader or three-dimensional face recognition device is a good choice of similar equipment inside. In fact, for recognition in terms of quality, iris identification device in the application also has a good performance, but because the use is not very convenient, so more in some high-end laboratories and other environments.

   Security equipment, safety is always the first

   For identification equipment, its role is to be carried out to identify the identity and concluded that exclude the danger of a "filter" type of equipment. For application environments with different security levels, it is not the same level of security. forBiometric access control device, The iris recognition security is undoubtedly the most advanced, it is at work, will use a variety of biological fitting manner, to determine the characteristics of biological samples. In order to achieve the highest level of safety performance. And for a little general level of security devices, product performance will take different biological species to distinguish between different objects. Such as three-dimensional recognition, fingerprint recognition. For simple applications, biometric, hand geometry recognition is relatively in the basic position of these users may be the most affordable option.

   Identification applications, function determines price

   forBiometric systems, Although the wealth of features that may help us to accomplish more work, but in use, features and more is not necessarily optimal performance. Sometimes, as increased functionality, the application of the device but will fall, and for such a shift, obviously very worth when. So, for the availability of equipment, in the end what is the most critical of it?

   Summary by editing the query, found that for the current needs of users, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, according to the needs, determine what kind of use biometric systems, confirm thatFingerprint recognitionApplication form or on the palm recognition technology has more demand. In addition, depending on the location in which the access control system, the importance, as well as other aspects of convenience, decided to adopt an integrated device? Or front-end access control device identification and more professional binding mode. Furthermore, it is based on the complexity of the system, such as system stability or recognition speed, etc., to choose a product that best suits your application. This product can be either domestic equipment, it can also be imported equipment.

   In fact, selected a high quality biometric devices is not what trouble, as long as a good grasp of the application environment, the security required, and related functions, the selection of a suitable biometric devices is no longer how complex thing. For the desire to haveBiometric access controlFriends, are you ready?