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Biometric big PK: Which sort of biometrics in the way you choose?

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-06-09

Which sort of biometrics selected and there is no single answer, but also need to see what you want to do, but there will be a general principle:

1, biometric time attendance system software low-cost solution still tend to fingerprints, sometimes additional smart card or password;
2, the mobile solutions typically use face and voice, fingerprint is also very popular, but now iris Internet Access Controller recognition has become an important means of mobile phone manufacturers to compete.
3, if you want a non-contact identification, tend to face recognition or iris recognition.
4, secret surveillance tends to face recognition, voice recognition and gait recognition.
5, large projects often web based time and attendance software using fingerprint or iris, such as China resident identity card will incorporate fingerprint biometrics India project contains iris recognition.
6, a higher security level items tend iris or finger vein recognition, often in combination with the card or password, to form a multi-factor authentication.
7, or if the authentication condition is relatively poor tend iris recognition, iris recognition because less affected by external factors, such as mine iris solutions.