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Biometric application

  • Author:zz
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  • Release on:2016-04-26

According to a recent  survey, the use of biometrics in banking and payment systems is on the verge of becoming mainstream.

The survey notes that major technological projects have enabled biometrics to gain strong momentum as a RFID&Fingerprint Attendance-Web Management Software secure authentication factor to verify a customer’s identity in the areas of mobile banking and payment. The report argues that over the last two decades, the technology has steadily proven its credibility in this market, attracting the strong interest of a number of global business man, such as the SIM card project, bank project in Pakistan, and SIM card project in Bangladesh( they are looking for fingerprint reader and tablet) etc.

The report states: “The vast majority of banks intend to implement biometrics in the near future, just as the mobile manufacturers planning to integrate biometric capabilities into their devices.”

The report also notes that current market forecasts are extremely optimistic, projecting that by 2017, there will be over one billion users accessing banking services through biometric systems.

It means you would see biometric application. web based time clock software Users need fingerprint verification when buy SIM cards and banking business need biometric identification before transaction, and fingerprint time attendance machine price so on

Now we are doing biometric field, would you not be excited with this amazing opportunity?