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Biometric access control technology into mass consumption to be optimistic about prospects

There is no doubt that this year's technology with the Internet penetration,Face Recognition,Fingerprint recognition,Speech RecognitionWaitBiometricsIt began in the civilian public consumption popular, especially on the Internet payment platform because of its contrast password more secure and convenient payment terms ......

This sounds really cool technology, is not have to spend a lot of silver user? Compared to fingerprint, iris and many other biometrics, face recognition easier massive scale, because almost all users can participate at no cost .

According to reports, face recognition does not require users to submit their own pictures, according to relevant regulations, qualified institutions in the need for face recognition, can contribute to the national citizen identity card number inquiry service center application, the collected photos with the sector authoritative photo gallery for comparison. That is, when the user during recognition, only need to open the phone or the computer's camera, facing his positive face to shoot in the smart phone has a comprehensive popular today, this participation threshold is low enough to be negligible.

For users concerned about privacy issues easily, in face recognition can be effectively avoided, since most authoritative source of the photo, at the same time, a unique "desensitization" technology, photos can be obfuscated into the naked eye can not identify, only computer to recognized image in order to protect the user's privacy.

Of course, just one of many facial biometric payment technology, any kind of technology is not a panacea. Experts said that a variety of combinations of biometrics, will be the future development direction of an identity, as different biometric have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as face recognition technology to participate in the threshold is low, and the fingerprint is unique and lifelong .

Comment: There is no doubt that this year with the penetration of the Internet's technology, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition and other biometric technology began to be popular in the civilian public consumption, especially on the Internet payment platform, because of its contrast password Payment terms of more secure and convenient, and entertaining richer, plus some public figures advertising, making application of biometric technology into the fast lane. Biometrics as a security access control technology in the field, must also be one of the focus of future products competitive techniques, but to cultivate the market will take some time, it is estimated civilian consumption after Mass, ordinary residents will get on ideology Life habits, from this point of view, access control system in the application of biometrics unlimited prospects.