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Biometric Access Control System

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-12

Biometric technology in China already has more than ten years of development, for the presentFingerprint recognitionIt is the most widely ofBiometrics. Biometric technology not only in safety, convenience, ease of management and other aspects have a huge advantage, the most important is in line with the trend of energy saving. The emergence of fingerprint access control, so that people can discard The traditional access cards, just put your finger in contact with or in close range scanning, you can identify success, a significant reduction of access control card production. but,Fingerprint Access ControlAnd it is not perfect, for example, can not be a finger injury, whether It can not scan fingerprint identification is correct; fingerprint access prices still relatively high, not a lot of popularity, and so on.

but,Biometric Access Control SystemAs if the country popular, energy saving and environmental protection must have a remarkable contribution. After all, it actually reduces the amount of access control card production, greatly easing the access card abandoned Environmental pollution. In addition, biometric technology on the production's technical R & D capabilities have certain requirements on the industry do not upgrade, do not accept the new things the manufacturers will certainly be out of the market and consumers.