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  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-09-17

Biometric fingerprint scanners: who are they? what's the effect?

The development of biometric technology products has been particularly rapid in the past 3-4 years. The application we are familiar with is the fingerprint attendance system in the office. Biometric security assurance has become a leader, and its position cannot be shaken.

In the past few years, as long as we have the office password or IC card, we can open the door and enter the office. Even if I do not belong to the office, I can still enter. This poses a particularly important safety issue for companies or individuals, and both file safety and personal safety are at risk. Security issues have become more and more urgent and require more assurance.

At this time, the emergence of biometric USB fingerprint scanners solved the problem we had to worry about. The benefits of biometric fingerprint scanners are far more than just security. The hidden technical value of fingerprint scanners is so versatile that we need to slowly study and expand. Are you unclear about the fingerprint scanner? Next, let me take you into the world of fingerprint scanners.

Fingerprint scanner

biometric android fingerprint scanenr
Do you know what biometrics is?

The biometric reader is essentially a reader. What does he mainly read?

The biometric fingerprint scanner android  will identify a person based on physiology (iris, face, voice, fingerprints, etc. refer to a person's physiological characteristics) or behavioral characteristics (gait, signature, etc.). Among the above physiological characteristics, fingerprints are the most widely used. They can combine many features, and at the same time fingerprints can exist as individual fingerprint identification features. It can be seen that biometric fingerprint scanners are also a popular choice in many fields. Because your biometric fingerprint features are unique and cannot be copied and used, the risk of theft is greatly reduced.

Fingerprint scanner safe

What is biometrics?

Essentially, a biometric fingerprintreader will recognize a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Fingerprints can be used in many functions, and biometric fingerprint scanners are quickly becoming a popular choice in many fields. Biometric data is also completely separated from personal information. Your biometric fingerprint cannot be reverse engineered to recreate the information, so it cannot be stolen.

 how does fingerpirnt scanner work

How does the fingerprint scanner work?

The fingerprint scanner basically has two tasks: the first is to obtain, and the second is to save.
Acquisition: The fingerprint scanner needs to acquire the user's finger image and determine whether the fingerprint image matches the existing user template of the database system. After confirming the match, you have the authority to proceed to the next step. If not, you do not have permission to enter.

While acquiring the fingerprint image, the fingerprint scanning reader will record your fingerprint, save the specific fingerprint characteristics in your fingerprint, and record the fingerprint data repeatedly to ensure the accuracy of the data. These fingerprint images will be encrypted by the system and become templates, which will be stored in the system for future matching. These fingerprints are encrypted, and each encrypted file is unique, so your fingerprint image cannot be copied.

Fingerprint scanner technology is constantly evolving

The biometric fingerprint scanner is constantly upgrading and changing in the entire biometrics industry, and is gradually adapting to the development of new technologies.

In 1936, iris recognition has begun to appear. Biometric security is not a new type of science. It has existed in our lives for a long time, but it needs a process of development and brewing.

usb fingerprint scanner
In the past few years, there have been many cases of hackers using vulnerabilities in computer systems to steal information, causing irreparable harm to enterprises and employees. Major companies have begun to use biometric control systems (fingerprint scanners) to bring security to their companies, and also to bring confidence to their employees.

Why use a biometric fingerprint scanner?

The issue of security has attracted increasing attention from the world. How to achieve effective security measures? The fingerprint scanner has become an invaluable treasure and is concerned by humans. Nowadays, both the government and enterprises use biometric identification devices to ensure security, and they have achieved good results.

A successful case of biometric access control system is in the workforce management. Before the biometric attendance system was used, employees' attendance, clocking in, and salary required manual input and statistics. The huge amount of data could easily lead to missing data, inaccurate data, and low efficiency. But after adopting the biometric time attendance system, everything has changed. The biometric time attendance system is computer software. It has a set of its own software that can base employees' attendance information and block false behaviors caused by human relationships. , Bring a good atmosphere to the company's entire operating environment. And employees will not stop opening with the excuse of losing the IC card or forgetting the password, because the fingerprint will not be lost.
fingerprint scanner android
In addition to monitoring the attendance data, the fingerprint attendance system can also set access permissions. According to the access control software, we can set who can enter a certain area and which areas can not enter. In this way, even the key industry from unhealthy ways cannot open doors with authority.

The fingerprint scanner has been successfully used in different countries and occasions in Huifan Technology.

1. Pakistan government fingerprint scanenr attendance

2. Farm Management fingerprint scanner software
3. Android Fingerprint Scanner Pakistan Hospital System
4. Nigerian government elections
5. TTL Telecom Project

portable fingerprint scanner
If you have any of the above projects or other projects, you can contact us and we will give you a complete set of biometric solutions.

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