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Artificial intelligence concept hot face recognition into investment hot new

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-03-14
   Over the past four decades, artificial intelligence has been at the edge of the mainstream. Until 2016, artificial intelligence has become a "fashionable" synonymous, began to rise rapidly. By then, some large enterprises are also trying to integrate artificial intelligence into their products. It is worth mentioning that the current artificial intelligence not only by the venture capital companies, technology giants and manufacturing enterprises and other great attention, governments also attach great importance to the development of artificial intelligence related industries. For example, the US government mainly through the public investment way to attract the development of artificial intelligence industry, the fiscal year 2013 the US government will be 2.2 billion US dollars in the national budget into the advanced manufacturing industry, one of the direction is the "National Robot Program." Facts have proved that artificial intelligence has become the next outlet, its market to maintain rapid growth. Data show that in 2015 the global artificial intelligence market size of 7.45 billion US dollars, China's artificial intelligence market is about 1.2 billion. It is estimated that by 2020 the global artificial intelligence market will reach 18.3 billion US dollars, China is about 9.1 billion.
  On March 7, Yuan Yuming, chief analyst at Societe Generale Securities Computer Industry, said in an interview with me that the penetration and change of artificial intelligence into all walks of life will continue and that the development of incremental market and data value in segmentation will be good Point of entry.
   Artificial intelligence concept hot
   March 5, the government work report mentioned, to speed up the development of artificial intelligence technology and transformation, bigger and stronger industrial clusters. I note that, in a variety of factors to stimulate the relevant artificial intelligence subject in the March 6 opening of a wave of rapid rise. Such as the University of intelligence, the game for the smart and other stocks opened, quickly sealed the daily limit.
   From the performance of March 7, the relevant concept of stock market is still continuing. Even if such as HKUST fly so that the total market value of more than 40 billion yuan of the concept stocks were once closed up and down. It is worth mentioning that the company's microblogging at 11:43 on March 6, the company had audio-visual products were introduced, said it would continue for the 12th National People's Congress fifth meeting in Anhui delegation to provide full transfer service.
  Although the company's securities department staff in an interview with the author said: "However, the company's share price is still on March 7 continued strong, once closed up and down, and ultimately to Rose 7.68% to close. The focus of each research institution is its intelligent voice advantage. Although the company's strategic layout in the above areas led to increased R & D and market costs, but optimistic about its intelligent voice advantage as the starting point, the overall layout of artificial intelligence.
   Face recognition is of concern
   I note that the Oriental wealth Choice data side shows that artificial intelligence for the first time written in the government work report, the broker within a short period of time published a total of 16 titles containing "artificial intelligence" research report. From the focus of attention, analysts pay more attention to face recognition of investment opportunities. Among them, Guohai Securities directly pointed out that attention to face recognition of investment opportunities, the research report, based on forward-looking data, by 2020, the global face recognition market will reach 30 billion yuan, accompanied by recognition accuracy and recognition speed , Face recognition application scenarios continue to expand, in the gateway, security and other aspects is expected to open the incremental market. Founder Securities Communications Internet Group believes that the field of security applications bright scene, with the social development continues to increase, the relevant applications continue to land. Information and large data levels continue to improve, the current depth of learning in the face recognition has been widely used.