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Alipay enter facial recognition

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-05-03
April 8th, Alipay from ALIBABA will show the new facial recognition payment way, “Smile to Pay” made from Mayijinfu and Face++ on XIhu cultural square, Hangzhou, which has the  better accuracy than iris verification.
Recent year, facial recognition is widely used in bank, electric business, Security and defense and so on district. Now financial and internet also enter this area, leading the industry walk explosive growth.
Some Industry insiders estimate, facial recognition will lead a 100 billion market scale. Now the new Industry tide has come, it has made sure the upward trend. Up to now, A stock market clear long-term growth potential recognition concept, and short-term is expected to be more brush face Alipay payment technology unveiled positive stimulus.
Alipay enter facial recognition
Alipay official microblogging said yesterday, Today Alipay facial recognition, “Smile to Pay” will be shown on Xihu cultural square. It employee attendance tracking system is understood, this payment way in made from Mayijinfu and Face++, can reach 99.5% accuracy, which is better fingerprint biometric time attendance management system than the iris recognition, 97.52% accuracy. It even can distinguish between twins! All the data processing and analysis including the structure, Electronic Locks For Homes Facial features and muscle of facial recognition are provided from Ali cloud computing.