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After the recognition of domestic technology innovation fast Transcendent

  • Author:zz
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  • Release on:2016-05-16
According to the BCC latest market research report shows that the global market demand for biometric products has reached $ 7.1 billion in 2010. In the next five years, a comprehensive annual growth rate biometric devices will reach 21.3%, the annual growth rate of 24% of face recognition market. From the geographical point of view, since the user of biometric devices have a higher degree of acceptance and use, making Europe the main market of biometric devices. With the continuous development of technology, face recognition market at the same time get the attention of domestic and foreign technology companies, have increased research and development efforts. Domestic research institutions are also focused on recognition of new challenges to overcome. Today, it is widely used face recognition has been specific to every aspect of life, so that people enjoy the security and convenience. Here we take a look at what these leading applications. Face to overturn RFID&Fingerprint Attendance-Web Management Software the traditional financial payment mode recently, Finnish startups Uniqul introduced face recognition based payment platform, the system only the user faces the screen POS machines brush face, the entire payment process within 5 seconds is Fingerprint Time Attendance-HFCCTV,China Attendance Supplier basically over. This payment model based on human organ is bio-payment, with its unique and irreplaceable, is gradually replacing the books, bank cards and other traditional financial services tools to become the primary medium of payment and settlement in the future. Also recently, international payments giant PayPal announced that its 12 shopping centers in the Richmond area of ​​the River Thames in London launched rely on recognition of the payment system. This attempt, the real popular for nearly 10 years, the credit card? Consumption changed? Brush face? Consumption. Application and development of high-end access control face recognition biometrics market, but also to security access control system brings a whole new look. Face recognition technology as a rising star, got rapid promotion in access control systems, access control and gradually occupied the high-end market. Face recognition technology has many advantages, as compared with the fingerprint attendance machine, it can achieve a non-contact door, record attendance, convenience, health, and will not appear because the card can not forget the door with a problem. Not long ago, a South Korean enterprise invented a recognition machine, staff can read his face information via a probe mounted on the door, the door can be realized. If strangers visit, the system will prompt the visiting staff via buttons or other means to open the door, the application is very convenient. 3D Face Recognition identifiable twins is considered one of the most difficult and even artificial intelligence research in the field of biometric identification. Because little difference between different individuals, everyone faces the structure are similar, and even the structure of organs face shape is very similar. This feature is to use face favorable positioning, but for the use of the individual human faces distinction is unfavorable. Further, the structure of the face itself is 3D, collected by the 2D camera images often affected by changes in the external environment, such as in different viewing angles, biometric time attendance system software the difference must be obtained face image, face recognition technology so that the user is currently there will be a satisfactory result with the case. But 3D face recognition appears a good solution to these problems. 3D face recognition can cope with a variety of light interference, even at night under poor visibility environment can recognize faces information. More intuitive understanding, 3D face recognition can be carried out in the process of moving target identification, in addition to three-dimensional face recognition is not limited to the front, suitable for all angles, facial hair obscured, attitude change can also achieve high recognition accuracy. 3D recognition one can truly access control, it is no exaggeration to say that this recognition can easily identify the twins or multiple births. Many related companies are focusing on the development of 3D face recognition application and supporting solutions. In a major test, 3D recognition access control security system will play unbelievable advantage, effectively put an end to take the test, generation of test phenomenon; ll never deliberately obscured sneak inside the office. 4G technology + Face? Help community management yesterday, access 4G network cameras that monitor every corner of the Lake biometric time attendance system software District of Wuxi United States. Recently, the use of 4G technology, intelligent community integrated service management platform in the US Lake community put into use, the system has a 4G mobile real-time video transmission, intelligent processing illegally parked vehicle, Jeeves intelligent processing, 7 contents altitude parabolic fingerprint time attendance machine price intelligent processing, etc., by 276 Real-time monitoring probes for each corner, and supplemented by face recognition intelligent processing to solve the security management process problems arise hard evidence. Conclusion recognition widely used, gave birth to a huge market. While in this area, we started before the foreign country, but the last couple of years, our country? Eleventh Five? National science and technology support? Second five? National science and technology support, national research foundation and many other major national research projects, with number of core technologies and products for the public security case detection work played an important role. Our face recognition technology and applications both on the stage, face recognition applications and international level has quite. At present, the capture of face recognition is focusing on new challenges, to develop a new generation of face recognition products.