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Access pain as to when?

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-30
MakeFor the securityAn important component of the industry Minute,Access Control SystemIt has become the most intelligent, the most common itemsSecurity Subsystemone. At present, access control intercom industry is still in the development stage, all aspects of development are not perfect, for access control intercom system is concerned, in addition to technology applications Level is not high, the technology products still can not fully meet the market demand is the main reason. Although some access control intercom system has been put into use, but to maneuver, easy to damage, access control functions in name only, not the normal work Make. Access pain from where? How to fill the pain of regret?

Access pain

First, become an open secret password

One owner of a cell from Nanning to complain, since the installation of residential developersAfter the video intercom system, the property company for each household with a key, but also told them to "unit number six digit password" open method. But check shortly after, they found the door's password to become a well-known secret, not only the owners, residential security and out freely, some renovation work, salesmen, owners friends also access freely, access control intercom system useless.

Second, access control intercom system frequently bad disrepair

Access control intercom system is a lock out unit building, extremely frequently, but some access control intercom system could not determine weather the frequent use. One owner from Beijing to complain that he had lost count of the cell door access control system is broken How many back, frequent damage caused last limbo. In particular, some owners will rent out houses, some renters get access cards, and out of inconvenience, access control locks are often Qiaodiao.

Third, access no match slip through the net

Many owners report that they frequently encounter card or enter the password to open the door when someone tail together with the entry. Although the access control system can block those who do not "key" strangers, but they do not stop those "determined" strangers. There appears slip.

Fourth, access ban owners

One owner from Beijing to complain, he is often forbidden access control system at the door, not forget to carry access cards, is to save the improper access card is demagnetized and can not use, so often unable to return home, and sometimes had to telephone call to a neighbor seek help. This will not only own inconvenient, but also others in trouble.

Access from where the pain

Building community security perspective barrier depends mainly on air defense, physical defense and anti-technology. Air defense have owners, property and security personnel; physical defense protective walls, security doors; there are anti-technology access control intercom system, CCTV monitoring, 24 hours Inspection monitoring and other security systems. From the owners complain cause can be foundAccess Intercom SystemThe main reason useless to air defense and anti-technology, namely the lack of security awareness owners, property management imperfect, access to Talk about system itself flawed.

First, the lack of security awareness owners.

Lack of awareness of security owners is one of the causes cell security risks, mainly in the following two aspects:

First, the lack of understanding of access control intercom system. Because there are many owners do not understand the use of access control intercom system maintenance mode, often erroneous operation and access card is demagnetized failure improper preservation phenomena; there are some owners, tenants have forgotten to carry access cards, at the expense of future security go in exchange for temporary convenience, access control intercom system damage.
Second, the lack of self-protection awareness. Some owners to seek temporary convenience to easily access password to tell relatives and friends, renovation work, hourly, etc; or when you enter a secret door open unit, pay attention to prevention, passwords stolen by strangers.

Secondly, poor property management and security personnel.

In the owner's complaints found no secret because the password has led many "outsiders" in and out freely; some stranger come and go the same dog owners. For these strangers had a lot of security personnel in order to avoid trouble is not the disc Q obstruction unchecked. Each security products are defective, so the defects occur when the employer is required to remedy the way, if the remedy inappropriate, ineffective than just security product.