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Are there any new developments in access control?

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-10-30

Access control system is referred to as ACS in the smart building field. Refers to the forbidden powers of "door", ie guard "door". Broadly speaking, the "gate" here includes all types of passes. Therefore, access control includes vehicle access control. In parking management applications, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management, not collecting parking fees, but primarily managing access to the vehicle.

According to the access identification way, the access control system can be divided into the following four categories:

Immigration Security Management System is a new type of modern security management system that integrates automatic computer identification technology and modern security management measures. It involves electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communications technology, biotechnology, and many other new technologies. Effective measures to securely manage access to critical components. Applicable to various secret departments, such as banking, hotel, parking management, computer room, arsenal, secret room, office, smart community, factory, etc.

Access control system development:
As the name suggests, an access control system is an entrance and exit control system. It is developed on the foundation of traditional door locks. A traditional door lock is just a simple mechanical device. No matter how you improve it, people can always think of ways to open it in different ways. Managing keys in places where people go in and out (such as office buildings, hotel rooms, schools, banks, ...) is very troublesome. If the key is lost or the person is replaced, the padlock and key must be replaced together. For more convenience, various types of electronic magnetic card locks, electronic key codes appeared. The appearance of these two keys simplifies the channel's HR management system and makes the channel management electronic. But at the same time with their application, their own shortcomings became more and more obvious: high failure rate, easy replication, low safety coefficient ... is called electronic lock, but its application. is not too common.

With the development of biotechnology, the access control system has been greatly developed, the access control system by proximity card, the fingerprint access control system, the access control system. facial recognition, iris access control system, etc. Electronic lock, lock system to control access today is more diversified, safe and convenient.

As people's demand for all aspects of the access control system continued to increase, the application scope of the access control system became more and more widespread. As for the application of access control system, people are no longer limited to a single access control but also require it to be used for smart buildings or community access control, management Attendance staff, security alarm, parking control, lift control, etc., and can also be used with other systems Linked together for use.

The access control system has gone beyond simple access control and key management methods, and has gradually evolved into a complete access control management system. It plays a role in administrative management such as workplace safety and employee engagement management.

1. Password Identification: Identify the access authority by checking that the entered password is correct. This type of product is divided into two types: one is a normal type, the other is an out-of-order keyboard (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and will change automatically from time to time).

2. Card identification: Identify access authority by reading card or reading card plus password. According to the tag type, it is divided into: magnetic card and radio frequency tag (RFC)

3. Biometric Identification: Identify entry and exit by biometric testing of personnel. There is fingerprint type, palm type, iris type, facial recognition type, and finger vein recognition type.

4. QR code identification: For example, when entering or leaving the school, a valid QR code will be sent to students, teachers, parents and logistics staff entering the campus so that parents can easily scan the QR code above. reader. When entering the campus, it is convenient for personnel to enter and manage. Since the school needs to register the parent's mobile phone number and the family's second generation ID number, the parent's cell phone will receive a text message containing the QR code sent by the school using the platform. QR code campus access control system. At the same time, will support identity cards and mobile phones to verify to ensure safety for personnel in and out.

At the time of an outbreak, to prevent the spread of the disease, a temperature check is essential. It would be great if the body temperature could be detected while determining one's identity!

Many small communities use thermometers to check their body temperature because there aren't many people. If you use this method to detect body temperature in places with a large floating population, such as subway entrances and exits, corporate buildings, schools and hospitals, the efficiency will decrease. significantly.

Now there is a timekeeper that detects dynamic faces and can detect body temperature even when wearing a mask.
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