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Access card reader is very important

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-11
It seems that the recognition rate for access control system, attendance machine has a very important impact. Other not to say, on the card reader card reader.

Contactless IC card (IC card) card reader is an important part of access control system, which is the key equipment of signal input and the stability of the whole access control system. The reader sends out electromagnetic waves at a fixed frequency. The frequency is 13.56MHZ. When the induction card enters the electromagnetic wave radiation range, a signal is transmitted to the reader. The card is transmitted to the controller, which is transmitted to the access server. The card is then uploaded to the database.

Along with the development of China's access control industry, the reader as an important part of the purchase or update access control system is, how to buy natural becomes important.best attendance management system. So in the purchase of access control reader need to pay attention to what?

1, port protection

Card reader in the installation will be involved in connection (power line, signal line and so on less than 4~6 root, more than ten), in the process of construction, the fault line is inevitable, if the port is not protected, causing damage to the reader, will bring a lot of trouble to the project, so the access card reader should have port protection.

2, wide voltage design (drive)

Mainly consider the reader in the long distance of the wiring, to consider the power voltage drop problem, if not for wide voltage design, it is possible in the actual project (such as reader distance controller 100 meters), the reader can not work properly. In general, the reader can work in the case of 7~30V voltage, the voltage of the adaptation range is more perfect.

3, anti jamming

Is mainly refers to some occasions, the card is inevitable to be installed in metal (iron, stainless steel door) surface, and an import and card case, for the installation of the beautiful, read heads out of the need to "back" of the installation. If the anti - jamming is not strong, the metal surface of the time, the reader will be significantly reduced, even not read card. And "back to back" to install the products if anti-jamming is not strong, is likely to enter when credit, out of the card reader perceive, causing inconvenience to use.

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