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A gentleman makes money in a right way

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-05-20
There is an old Chinese saying “ a gentleman makes money in a right way”. It’s very dangerous if one has only ability and intelligence without morality and honesty. 
A few days ago, there is a sales manager and director of factory stole the business secret of previous company. They imitate the technology and made Time Attendance and Access-50000 Fingerprint Capacity similar machines and sold at very cheap price, doing evil competition. This action do great harm and caused big loss for previous company. Finally, they were sued to court and sentenced compensation and 3-7 years to jail.
We can learn from such case.
First, we should earn money in legal way. Everyone wants to become rich, but if we do something illegal and makes much money in a short time, we are sure to lose all in the end. We can make money by working hard, accumulating experience and keeping learning step time attendance system manufacturers by step.
Second, we should be responsible for our job and role. We must be grateful for our company and boss. Because of their trust, we are here. We get a job a survive, we have a good platform to achieve our goal and we are lucky to have this opportunity to live a better life. As each individual employee, we need to contribute our wisdom to our company and grow up together.
Hope everyone of us should think biometric time attendance system software positively, do right thing and go further.