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A biometric products

  • Author:zz
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  • Release on:2016-05-10
(a)attendance equipment and system application in the domestic market of biometric technology, attendance equipment and system is the first to enter the scale of production and marketing. The biological recognition technology for enterprise employees' attendance, fingerprint recognition technology is the trailbreaker. Price, a good fingerprint attendance system convenience, ease of use, is the main reason for the successful promotion. Since 2011, the rapid growth of face recognition attendance equipment and systems have also added a new impetus to the expansion of the scale of attendance application. Face recognition equipment low-end, the rapid decline in the increasing popularity and application of brush face work has been accepted by the Guangzhou users. Currently the number of sales China market fingerprint attendance products accounted for more than all, biological identification number of product sales topped 40%.
(b)physical access control products The application of biometric identification technology is one of the most basic application, business application examples of biometric technology most early almost all the physical access control system. In recent years, with the large number of security project of biometric technology and products continue to understand and use, and application of biometric products and solutions in the field of access control. At the same time, with the growing popularity. Biometric features, interface and other details of the specialization, standardization and gradually improve, new technology, face recognition and other intervention, access control products export scale is also greatly improved. Overall, access equipment and system in China occupy the biometric market share after attendance products.
(c)combined with electronic biometric technology lock products with traditional electronic locks, actually can be regarded as the extension of physical access applications. Over the years, the domestic fingerprint door lock (package The box, cabinet lock, anti-theft door) products perimeter security electric fence systems have been exported, the domestic market is also expanding. In recent years, the domestic intelligent time attendance system manufacturers community advocacy, intelligent Home Furnishing "concept is a great impetus to the popularization and application of this kind of product. The face recognition technology has also been combined with electronic locks, recently has been unveiled many face recognition lock scheme, I believe will soon see their practical application in the market.
(d)authentication authentication is also generalized access control applications, commonly referred to as" foreign logical access ", access controller with time attendance physical access to the difference mentioned above. From the application of identification is the biological recognition technology can the important segments of the market scale of commercial applications, is currently in the financial industry, e-commerce, e-government, army, wireless network services and other fields have many applications. As in other access control The application field and the field of security, they reflect the biological recognition of the origin, the core value.