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A biometric access control system

  • Author:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-22
In the design phase of the new conduct, the bank officials decided to install a "Fingerprint attendance system. "To this end, the European banking sector and Ingersoll Rand's Security Technologies is based in Switzerland Lonay's office, seek technical and partners to meet this requirement.

    Rigorously conducted in the fourth quarter of 2005, the banking sector has finally given Europe Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies company based in Switzerland by Urs Mathys's issued the order, the order is worth about 1.5 million euros, equivalent to about $ 1.79 million. The order incorporates several facilities, including, 3D Surface shape recognition and license plate recognition technology, all the equipment will be Ingersoll Rand's Interflex subsidiary company in Germany 6020 software for control and management. Ingersoll The European division of Rand's Security Technologies office in Switzerland Lonay is the general contractor of the project.

    From December 2005 to begin delivery of equipment for the project, and the entireIntelligent Access Access CardThe installation will be completed before October 2006. Once the project is completed, Pictet Bank will have in the European non-governmental buildings of the largest and most advanced, to biometric technology-basedFingerprint Access Control.