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6 Benefits of Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Software | HFSecurity

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2021-03-02

Does your time and attendance software affect your performance now? Do you know the advantages of automated time and attendance solutions based on cloud data?

Will your time and attendance software hinder you from moving forward? Understand the advantages of cloud-based automation solutions

Are you still using pen and paper to keep staff time and attendance? Or rely on shift schedule emails for salary calculations? Then, your company is likely to be leaking money, and you may face lawsuits.

At the beginning of this year, when the pandemic shifted most of the global employees to remote operations, tracking employee time became a huge challenge. As traditional punch stations and biometric devices become obsolete, companies need a more feasible solution. Maybe you managed to get a solution, or you chose to use manual methods to complete the task. However, in the long run, these inefficient solutions will not be able to scale and slow down your growth.

70% of the company's total cost is time (calculated by labor). You need a solution to help you understand how this time is spent and your labor costs. Here, we will tell you what to look for when choosing a truly transformative attendance and time tracking solution.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

1. Eliminate trouble; bring safety, accuracy and reliability

Whether your employees work at home or in a traditional office, you must make them feel safe and efficient. For employees working from home, you need an unobtrusive, simple and accessible solution. For employees entering the office, not only do you need a fingerprint scanner, but you can also eliminate the actual interruption of arrival, rest, meal, and end of shift.

With solutions like HFSecurity time attendance device with cloud web, you can get this flexibility. The AI ​​self-service function of our solution combines cloud-based solutions with contactless employee clock functions such as facial recognition and voice commands to ensure that your employees are protected from physical contact. For your remote employees, our solution can accurately track the time of the project and time. Whether it is 10 employees or 100,000 employees, our scalable solution eliminates the need for error-prone manual processes. The intuitive user interface for web platforms and mobile devices ensures smooth adoption with minimal training. Verification can clear any errors in the timetable. Alerts and notifications enable timely and accurate timetable submission and approval.

2. Adopt a unified system to support global employees

Remote work opens up a talent pool for you. Excellent talents, no matter where you are, you can hire them to work for you. This means that managers need a solution to help them manage their employees' time and attendance anytime, anywhere. The system needs to meet any specific needs that the location or group may have. There is also a need for seamless integration with payroll and human resources tools to share critical employee time and attendance data so that payments can be processed on time without any errors. Ensuring that you get the right salary at the right time is critical to maintaining the trust and motivation of your employees, especially during testing periods like this.

The cloud-based time and attendance system enables your global employees to enter and exit the clock in any format required from wherever they are via web browsers and mobile devices. Capture accurate time for all your employee types (tax-exempt, non-tax-exempt, part-time, remote and temporary) on the device of their choice. Replicon's time and attendance solution helps you capture total working hours and automatically add paid vacation to your schedule to ensure accurate payments. In addition, its plug-and-play integration function can ensure the combination of payroll, HRMS, CRM, ERP and other systems, and can work harmoniously with each other.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

3. Accurately capture time in a non-interfering way

Let's face it-employees hate filling out timetables. And, when they scrambled to fill in all the details on Friday night, they might miss the time it takes to respond to customer emails and phone calls. Whether it is deliberate or honest error, schedule errors are frequent occurrences and can affect bills, payroll, and ultimately even profits. This may expose companies to various issues, such as wage and hour compliance risks, time theft, or incomplete understanding of where labor costs are going.

The most effective solution will eliminate the trouble of attendance tracking. For example, our solution is constructed by using facial recognition and photo audit trails to capture employee time without interruption, in order to reduce friend's check-in and time theft. In order to reduce manual updates, our solution automatically collects time data from users and systems. This means that when employees book a customer meeting on Outlook, Google or Apple's iCal, it will automatically be reflected on the schedule.

4. Automate complex payment rules

Effective time and attendance tracking is the core of accurate payroll accounting. Legislation, collective bargaining agreements or industry practices may limit the number of hours an employee can work and the salary required to him. Therefore, you need a solution that allows you to manage working hours exceptions, confirmations and adjustments on a unified platform. For example, you might want your employees to log 40 hours a week and at least 6 hours a day. After submitting the schedule, the solution must check these conditions to highlight any discrepancies that may affect the payroll.

You need an attendance solution that provides supervisors and managers with real-time updates on time entries and overtime submissions. Dynamic approval supports complex planning and time tracking for all employees, and provides verified, error-proof time data to simplify wages and work costs. It can automate payroll even when it involves complex time tracking involving work costs, employees, union workers, or collective bargaining agreements. With the replicator time and attendance, you can capture other information, such as regional taxes, and set up multiple verification rules to ensure that the total salary information is accurate for downstream processing.

HFSecurity fingerprint scanner Device

5. Comply with local policies

Linux fingerprint Time and attendance system are more than just inbound and outbound. Having your human resources or payroll team enforce labor laws can cause a lot of trouble. To make global, cross-regional business run smoothly, you need to comply with every local, regional, national and international regulation. Therefore, before registering for the solution, you need to ask whether it can automatically perform salary calculations while complying with relevant labor policies.

HFSecurity's workforce management platform provides a built-in compliance library for more than 60 countries/regions around the world. This means you can continue your business as usual without worrying about keeping up with the ever-changing wage and hour policies. Through active monitoring and automatic over-the-air updates, our solutions ensure that risks are minimized and compliance with your strategy of operating anywhere. You can even model specific requirements, such as premiums or union agreements.

6. Improve your time and attendance management

time is money. There is no doubt about this. Continuous performance cannot be affected by inefficient time and attendance tracking solutions

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