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5 Tips About Fingerprint Scanner Price

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-07-14

A fingerprint scanner is a device used to collect finger fingerprints, and is usually used in places where identification is required.

  The fingerprint scanner has a wide range of uses in the field of security and attendance: 1. Identification, such as identity and passport, all fingerprints need to be collected. After the ten-finger fingerprints are collected and recorded, then later can be judged by fingerprint Whoever is, the convenience is greatly improved.

  2. Attendance registration, presumably the traditional attendance entry is very inconvenient for the boss, because it requires manpower, and there may also be errors, and using a fingerprint collector for attendance can avoid human relations and accurately record Whether the staff came to work at the exact time.

  3. Security inspection is a great effort, because there are too many people who need to be inspected, and a lot of manpower is needed to check the personnel. For example, there are many people in airports and prisons. If you rely on manpower, it will take longer time and affect efficiency. And there may be the possibility of fraud, so the use of the instrument adds greater efficiency.

  4. Bank transaction authentication. Banks are very important for people's identification. Once it is related to finance, it is very important to determine whether this person is the owner of this property. It is necessary to identify his identity.

  With the popularity of fingerprint scanner, more and more people purchase fingerprint scanner. So, how much is the fingerprint scanner price of the fingerprint scanner , how to judge whether it is expensive or not.

  1. At present, the types on the market mainly include optical, silicon chip, and ultrasonic types, and the prices of different types are also different. The ultrasonic type is a better one on the current market, regardless of accuracy. It's still technical.

  2. Whether the equipment has complete functions, whether it integrates data storage, comparison, and other functions. The products with more functions are more convenient to use, but the higher the production requirements, the higher the price. The price of less functions is higher, I hope everyone can understand it.

  3. The brand will affect a certain price. The price of a well-known product will be higher. Of course, it depends mainly on the sensitivity of the device response, whether it is durable, and the price. A device that can be used for ten years and a device that can be used for twenty years The price is different, and the sensitivity of the reaction is also important. Otherwise, if you put your finger on it for a short period of time, the sales will be very low, and it is not as good as manual.

  4. At present, the general price in the market is generally tens to hundreds of US dollars. Select models for online price comparison. Don’t just look at the price given by a company. Because the market surveyed by merchants is different, there is a certain gap in their pricing. Find more Some sellers look at the prices they give separately, so as to reduce costs as much as possible.

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