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5 Popular Uses Of Face Recognition HFSecurity

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2021-02-20

5 popular uses of face recognition

And what we learned while developing facial recognition applications

Artificial intelligence technology has recently proved to be destructive to many industries and gradually entered our daily lives, including an amazing technology called face recognition.

Although at present, from the perspective of the number of IT organizations involved in investment or related development, face recognition is by no means a leader in AI technology, but its market growth prospects do not seem optimistic. According to MarketsandMarkets data, by 2024, the value of the global face recognition market will reach 7 billion US dollars. Due to the huge demand and variety, this technology will gradually become an indispensable asset for hundreds of millions of people or a considerable evangelizer and countless enterprises, regardless of its scale.

1. Want to develop a powerful face recognition system application?

Although facial recognition technology has not clearly reached its peak, it has made enough progress to find a variety of applications. What is the most popular use of this technology? As a business or individual, can you find someone for yourself and take advantage of the increasing opportunities for face recognition? Or even come up with your own application?

2. Face recognition for access control: finally realized the best lock ever

Since it will soon become a huge demand, one of the most widely used applications of face recognition will obviously be access control. Facial recognition systems help control access to personal devices, homes, vehicles, offices and other places. With access rights controlled by face recognition, you can ensure that only you or someone authorized by you can access your personal device (and maybe your bank information?).

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device
           Popular uses of face recognition

How reliable is this? If you are a manufacturer of old vintage lever locks, shouldn't you wear a hat?

Even if you are a celebrity, there are a group of absolute twins, they all know your residence, but the developed face recognition access control system can actually eliminate unnecessary access to your personal equipment, home, car, or office. No, in this case, your web snapshots will not be a security risk.

Surprisingly, some more sophisticated face recognition algorithms can even identify people who have undergone cosmetic surgery to change their appearance.

3. Attendance tracking and control: ultimately prevail

For those who like to play truant, no matter where they should attend, facial recognition can be a real scourge. The attendance rate of individual teaching activities involving hundreds of participants can be effectively tracked.

In addition, in addition to inhibiting school truancy, facial recognition technology can also ensure that no matter where you are teaching activities, you can maintain order.

For example, only pictures with a facial recognition application installed on your mobile device. This app allows you to point your phone in their direction to identify participants who misbehaved (and scold them seriously later). Do you think this helps maintain order? We bet it will.

4. Marketing: A new source of direct insights

Marketing is one of the most disrupted business areas by artificial intelligence. Moreover, this is no longer just tracking user behavior in e-commerce applications and showing them relevant ads later, or mining text on the web to gain insight into the preferences of target audiences. Facial recognition technology has recently taken this process to a whole new level. In situations where the buyer is ready to choose or just doesn't understand all the features of several similar products, it not only makes selling but also buying easier.

Speaking of an example, according to a.list, the well-known travel provider Expedia has now partnered with a travel agency in Hawaii to provide recommended facial recognition travel options. The facial recognition solution used by the company can determine which of the Hawaii travel activities shown to viewers on Expedia's website resonates most with them.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

5. Banking: Ultimately, it can be called reliable authorization

Since the transaction is still in its infancy, the fight against bank fraud has not stopped.

Today, multi-factor authentication solutions that provide two-step or even three-step authentication are used to reduce the amount of fraud that plagues global banking institutions. These solutions are usually successful, but sometimes they may adversely affect the customer experience.

In addition, in some cases, such as in the case of ATM skimming, multi-factor authentication is useless.

As you might have guessed, face recognition can provide a truly reliable solution.

6. Public safety: the arrival of new powerful tools

Certain applications of face recognition attendance are not only useful but also very important. Their importance is also rising rapidly.

This is especially true for a series of overlapping security-related applications of facial recognition technology. The global demand for better public safety has made these applications critical.

One of the applications is the use of facial recognition solutions by the customs department to shut out unwanted visitors and control entry and exit from the country. In fact, this is what the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been doing for some time: U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials use facial recognition technology to verify the person presenting the U.S. passport and the male or female passport. They are actually the same person.

Similarly, as long as the corresponding international database is established, it will be possible in the near future to identify those who want or are considered to be public threats, regardless of the identity documents they carry, and monitor their cross-border movements.

The security-related applications of facial recognition time attendance system may be very extensive.

It just happened, so one of the main professions of HFSecurity in the field of face recognition is also related to security.

For a long time, we have been working on developing several facial recognition solutions, which are mainly used for (not limited to) access control in various places.

Therefore, our team has ample time and opportunity to determine the future potential of face detection and recognition technology. We can confidently say that the promise of this technology is huge, especially when it comes to multiple public safety and other safety-related applications. The latter may include meeting security, subway security, surveillance and testing, and so on.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device
If you think that using facial recognition technology can make anything you do safer or improve in other ways, then you should definitely study the existing possibilities more carefully with the help of AI experts using the technology-these The possibilities may far exceed your expectations.

Disclaimer: This article only reflects the subjective views and findings of the HFSecurity AI development team on this topic, and does not cover the purchase or non-purchase or use or non-use of any software products or technology recommendations. The article above provides some general information about how companies use facial recognition technology to improve their operations. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you comply with all appropriate laws and regulations when using it for this purpose.