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3D fingerprint access control system to meet user security

   Living in today's society, security of the word is often mentioned. Fengpao the CPI basket all the way to make insecure; ubiquitous haze so that the body did not feel safe; I do not know where to go in time for the soul insecure. In order to secure the fort tectonics, people started using some external tools to protect their own personal interests. Substances, health and private spaces have become the object of protection. E.gAccess control productsThe popularity is reflected in the people's increasing emphasis on the privacy of their property.

Access Control SystemAlways closely linked with our lives. Came to the company, there areFingerprint Time Attendance; Back to the district, there is the security guard and swipe card access; transact banking business, also has a stealth access - Password protection for accounts implementation. Only those with access through the right to continue to do want to do. For the average user, access to life adds a sense of security. Only put the privacy of their own resources at the manufacturing barriers to access, will be more at ease. And there are some obstacles then let another group of people stay away, the distance between people more Niagara.

Tongliao City People's Court Kezuohouqi aware access control systems to the party and the people visiting inconvenience, there is a door is hard, people hard to find, difficult to deal with the phenomenon, seriously affected the people's satisfaction with the Court. Recently, the hospital decided to cancel the access control system, the trial area and office area fully open. Access the hospital canceled convenience of the parties and the masses out to the hospital, and effectively solve the "door is hard" problem. Meanwhile, in order to ensure personal safety and the safety of the trial judges of the Court, the hospital security work to strengthen the party and the people to the hospital, in the court filing set security doors, to the hospital staff for each security, also set up emergency response teams, timely prevention and handling emergencies.
Court canceled the appropriate access control, security in the form of adjustments, work to facilitate the masses happy, virtually enhance the sense of security in the area of ​​people's lives. Access is not a visible fence will shut out all external factors. Ultimately, the application of access control systems are serving others. Password, credit card or fingerprint, the difference is just the process of using the system and how they interact between users. But no matter what the form, users always have to worry about the inevitable, it is difficult to fully meet the security.

Community Access focus is to intercept foreign workers. Card access control system uses many ways, a general residential district with electronic access control, generally also equipped with security personnel. Tenants have access to exchanges, to see someone patrolling the heart of the community can be assured of the security situation; the office in addition to security, access control and time and attendance systems generally counterparts, only fingerprint correctly to complete punch, into the company. Employees can punch in time not to be late to work at ease. If the access control system malfunction or error, the user's life and work will inevitably be affected. Such as access cards might wear, failure or expires, you can also replace the new card or to renew, if accidentally lost, like night and day to worry about whether or not fall into the wrong hands, residential tenants belongings safe precarious. It is likely to last only to find a forgotten corner placed, but there is always access cards inviting a lot of troubles.

Fingerprint Access Control SystemUsers need not worry about the tool touches loss. As long as your finger is still, fingerprint generally not lost, it is difficult to appear two fingerprints the same phenomenon. However, fingerprint access control system users also have their own troubles. Some not very good fingerprint identification device, fingers occasionally injured, Popi, which may have resulted in the drying unrecognized. Dishwashing must wear gloves, lest the rough hands of the fingerprint influential; there is a situation there is a punch in private individuals in order to avoid making fingerprint film sets, such as being criminals get into the access area, the consequences are difficult to estimate. Although now has brand play "3D live fingerprint"Access slogans, claiming that recognition is not a hundred percent and can eliminate artificial interference epidermis fingerprint, but as an ordinary user, it is sometimes difficult to grasp purchasing power of fingerprint access control systems products. Access to general users, it is to seek psychological comfort .Access Control System ProductsThe quality level of the direct impact on the extent reassuring users. Rational buyers in the choice of this factor into consideration will usually range.