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3D fingerprint access control system sought

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2016-01-04

Experts recently performed by the prediction showed that:Inductive Access Control SystemThe market is growing at an alarming rate of 300% of annual growth. It goes without saying demand for large access control systems. Especially living in the public gathering place, within a variety of community, the access control system has become an essential facility.

Residents hope chaotic living environment Access

Wuhan City, Hubei Poyang new Yangtze riverbank area in the district belong to the community, a total of 173 residents, only about 10 parking spaces, every night, in addition to parking, open space district also parked in disorder of the small steam car. Yangzi communities secretary Mr Zhang said that the district residents have the number of private cars is about seven a day, stop into the area of ​​the car had a lot of neighboring residents this rub parking spaces. Area residents Mr. Ban told reporters that there is a Second, households in a fire, because the entrance area is chaotic parked vehicles blocked fire trucks could not come open, and finally the police carry fire extinguishers before the fire under control. Last month, the district on whether to installElectronic AccessResidents held Vote among 173 residents, 114 residents agreed on the district closed management.

Access control needs increasingly gone up greatly promoted the development of access control systems market expansion and product. Speaking of access control systems, I believe many people are not familiar with. Now many companies and residential unit building will need to enter credit card Into. Access control systems effective control of the foreign staff out of the random phenomenon. Community policing unit to play a protective role. Access cards unwittingly become an important tool for many people on a keychain.

Difficult to guarantee that the card access security question

Card access control access control systems as a traditional type, but also increase the safety factor brought no small risk. Last March, former employee theft of company property access card carries a case of a company occurred in Beijing. Mr. Han It is a human resources company sent to the staff of the electronics company responsible for order management. No surrender according to the provisions of the access card company before departure time. Last February, the company 韩某利 weekend with no time to people, card into the public Division, and stole computers and accessories. In March, Mr. Han again stealing laptops 8, a number of computer accessories. The case for a number of access users has sounded the alarm. Access card is convenient, but also has a lost or stolen Risk. Some cards Due to technical reasons, can easily be copied, if they are criminals obtain and copy it, access would be counterproductive effect, access control products Jixun reform path.

WithBiometrics Access Control System PrincipleIt is gradually being recognized in recent years, and the promotion of access type. Biometric biggest feature is simple and safe, equipped with any form without additional tools. By birthright The biological characteristics of traditional function keys or access cards. Biometric access control products in the most representative of fingerprint access control systems, fingerprint for the user status symbol, act as a conventional key role. Fingerprint image into the fingerprint device Line collection, storage and access when using the fingerprint verification.

Biometric fast developmentFingerprint Access ControlEligible for affirmative

Fingerprint Access has also been developed in recent years, a wide range, not only use the traditional financial, residential and other units, and gradually spread to schools, factories, and more non-traditional units, from Guangdong, on the Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Data provided by the point of view, the past few years, China has for this different manufacturers, schools, community and other programs designed fingerprint access control system, fingerprint access control system, and demand is still growing. With the rising public awareness of security, Access control systems attention, users in China this 3D fingerprint access control products hold a good reputation. Even in the 3D fingerprint access control system costs than traditional access control of the premise, China this product is still subject to more and more users choose select. Visible in the choice of the user access control products when biased increasingly shift from cost to performance level.

Demand from the user point of view, fingerprint access control system has a good prospect. To launch a new round of competition between different manufacturers. It reflects the development of fingerprint access control fingerprint identification technology matures. Security has increasingly become the first user Factors to consider when traditional optical fingerprint recognition technology may not be able to meet the user access control system security requirements. Optical recognition technology to scan the object to finger skin, in the face of abnormal or artificial fingerprint finger, it is difficult Accurate and reliable identification of reaction. Some new fingerprint identification technology and products have emerged, began to emerge.

Guangdong, this places 3D live fingerprint identification technology as a weapon. It advocates the introduction of efficient and secure fingerprint access control products. It is reported that China this 3D access control fingerprint device fingerprint biggest advantage is that the user can not be copied, outsiders can not use artificial impersonate the user identity using fingerprint access control system to ensure system security. Access to focus on the security and privacy of users, perhaps the ideal choice.

Users access the most benefit from diversification

Access control system development reflects the strong desire of users for security. In the new technology, new products are emerging today, the user's choice gradually diversified. Fingerprint access control system as one of the small branches, has its own characteristics and advantages. To access product diversity has injected fresh blood, but also provides a safe and efficient access service for more users.