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1v1 face verification and 1vN face look

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2015-12-07

The hero through a variety of ways to muddle through the layers of authentication, successfully entered a confidential sector, which is often the plot of the movie. This layer of authentication is often includedFace Recognition. In this application, users often need to provide their identity.

For example, use the door card, computer card through the door in the background can get face samples door to the card owner, which currently use the door card human face images are compared to identify people who are currently using the card door and door cards Owner match, so avoid people picked up door cards to easily mix your company.

This is a 1v1 authentication, the computer and the human face of the current inventory compared to a human face, is an adjunct to other verification methods, thereby improving the reliability of the authentication. This application is now widely used, such as access to sensitive facilities, remote Internet accounts in the financial sector and large extracts of identity verification,facial time attendance and access control.

In the "Robocop", the first public appearance to face the public, we are constantly scanning for all face in the crowd, while the acquired faces wanted for comparison in the database, and instantly find watch The crowd there I wanted an escape for many years, and their uniforms. This is 1vN face look. Robocop can go online to find a wanted to save all the data face database, every time he met a man who will get the first Human face, with the access to information in the database wanted to go one by one than the right, if a match is found sufficiently high degree, on the spot arrest. Every face recognition, computer to make the n-th face alignment, n is to be recognized in the library people Face several templates.

If you require a computer with only the recognition of a person's identity, which is actually a 1vN face look,security card access control systemIts goal is a face database consisting of the n individual face "acquaintance Library", as n increases, Will increase the difficulty of accurate recognition, a recognition computation time required will increase. We can think about how much a human being able to accurately identify individuals face? Probably also in the dozens of this magnitude Bar.

At present the best face recognition technology has actually exceeded this level. Recognition such as the country's top companies, generally have one side of the screen wall, demonstrates the company each camera captured by human activity, and Identity accurately identify, and within a hundred companies generally maintain the order of the number of people who face database. However, if the N and then continue to increase, reaching thousands of libraries, library people, then the only real time to find matching face becomes a science-fiction requirements , And in the larger face database applications will generally reduce the real-time requirements, and require only very isolated before m name matching suspected human face, in order to narrow the scope of manual search.