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10 advantages of using an attendance management system

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2021-02-25

In the process of seeking to increase revenue and thereby improve viability, companies usually look outward rather than inward. Facts have proved that adapting to modern technology can not only effectively save time, but also change the health of the workplace. According to a survey of the State of Small Business Report submitted by Wasp Barcode Technologies, 20% of small businesses this year will invest in tools that increase employee productivity. According to the survey results released by SelectHub, 57% of companies plan to purchase new large-scale HR software in the next 18 months.

Today, the dynamics of the workforce are constantly evolving, so organizations need to quickly adapt to these changes. Taking into account the multi-cultural, multi-location workforce, nature of work, travel, self-selected work, shifts, flexible hours, overtime, paid vacation policies, etc., for employers, managing time, cost and productivity may be overwhelming.

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80% of workers admitted to the theft of time, which is incredible. This data comes from an anonymous survey conducted by Kester International. However, even though we are witnessing a technological revolution, small business owners often overlook the key aspect of their model: the employee monitoring system.

Benefits of using network-based attendance management system

Most organizations have begun to adopt the automatic payroll wave. According to a survey conducted by the American Payroll Association, 65% of the organizations surveyed stated that they used automated systems to collect time and attendance, or were switching to automated systems.

Why are organizations eager to exit manual/outdated attendance processes? Consider the following 10 benefits of switching:

  • 1. Accuracy
Even if we provide them with supporting computing devices, humans are prone to errors. The automated attendance management system ensures accurate time recording and minimizes inevitable costly errors by manually entering data. Therefore, this accurate data helps provide accurate performance and salary data.

  • 2. Economics
Have you ever thought that an attendance management system can control costs? You can save money by eliminating inaccurate time reports, friend punching, absenteeism, lateness, wasted time and overpayment. In fact, we found that in a daily research conducted by Axsium Group, after an organization or enterprise uses an automated attendance management system, an employee's cost can save more than 1,600 dollars in revenue.

  • 3. Productivity/efficiency
Manually monitoring and managing the attendance system by manual means is a time-consuming, energy-consuming, and a huge expenditure of financial resources. It takes time to process paper and time cards, create schedules, approve leave and overtime, and manually create payroll tables. An automated system can save you valuable management time, from tracking employees' working hours to automatically importing information into the payroll system. The time and effort saved and the accuracy of the data help optimize the use of resources, thereby increasing productivity and increasing profits.

  • 4. Visibility/insights
Do you need to quickly view all planned and unplanned absences of employees or teams? With just a few clicks, you can generate accurate reports on working hours, absences, overtime, and get a monthly summary report on any data/group within the organization. Any customized report can be generated using centralized data, thereby increasing visibility and transparency within the organization. Managers can also use the graphical view of the report to quickly and easily understand attendance data. With the help of a centralized and accurate attendance data center, employers can strategically analyze and improve policies on vacation, working hours, workplace culture, performance, compensation, etc., so that their business methods mature.

  • 5. Easy workflow management
The integrated attendance management system can provide good visibility of all data, and can simplify the work flow of salary, leave and performance appraisal. The notification/alarm is automatic, and the manager can immediately approve early departure, overtime and other requirements without any special communication requirements. Forget about tedious manual scheduling tasks. With just a few clicks, an automated attendance management system can help manage schedules, assign tasks, and easily track shift movements. It can also help you forecast workload, resources and budget.
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  • 6. Flexibility
In today's global, interconnected environment, you need employees to work in the office, at home or in remote areas. Attendance management systems enable organizations to track employee time using various clock options, such as smartphones, the Internet, swipe technology, biometric terminals or desktop readers.

  • 7. Integration/Configuration
You can choose the attendance management system that suits your needs according to the nature of your work and policies. Third-party attendance hardware (card swiping, biometric technology) is a system that can be integrated and used, and this system can also be used in GPS-based mobile attendance applications. You can use time tracking and attendance monitoring systems to create custom attendance strategies based on organizational needs. You can set up a separate configuration for each attendance shift, and provide options to define the attendance period, credit/debit rules, leave deductions and optional holidays.

  • 8. Real-time tracking
Cloud-based attendance management can realize real-time tracking and provide automatic input for payroll processing. This helps manage other payment schedules and makes all information available in real time. Managers can create "planned and actual" reports to adjust work plans and guide employee activities in real time.

  • 9. Security
A highly secure system and a complete system structure are the basis of most high-level management systems. Specifically, the biometric system is highly reliable and secure, which can help prevent time theft, punch holes for friends and reduce management costs due to forgotten PINs and lost ID cards. These systems are especially useful for organizations where security is the primary consideration.

  • 10. Compliance
Incorrect records may cause your organization to pay a lot of overtime, and may violate labor laws, leading to expensive legal defenses and fines. The regulations require employers to track attendance in a fair spirit and provide employees with necessary compensation for any overtime. The attendance management system integrated with your payroll simplifies this process while making it seamless.

With these huge benefits, should you now choose a comprehensive attendance management system that can make the process easy and provide a seamlessly integrated system for your organization?

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