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What is the performance of the facial recognition machine invested in Narita International Airport C
Release on2021-03-31What is the performance of the facial recognition machine invested in Narita International Airport Corporation in Japan? According to a report by the ...Read More
Company employees use biometric fingerprint scanners to track employee attendance time
Release on2021-03-09Just a few years ago, few people objected to taking photos of ID documents. However, this new technological era has brought more "intrusive" forms of ...Read More
Did you know how to use a biometric fingerprint scanner
Release on2021-03-04How to use a biometric fingerprint scanner Biometric fingerprint scanners can not only provide companies with accurate time records, but also improve ...Read More
6 Benefits of Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Software | HFSecurity
Release on2021-03-02Does your time and attendance software affect your performance now? Do you know the advantages of automated time and attendance solutions based on clo...Read More
10 advantages of using an attendance management system
Release on2021-02-25In the process of seeking to increase revenue and thereby improve viability, companies usually look outward rather than inward. Facts have proved that...Read More
Facial Recognition for your Visitor Management Solution HFSecurity
Release on2021-02-23Recently, facial recognition device has rapidly become popular as a form of on-site verification. By achieving fast and accurate identity verification...Read More
5 Popular Uses Of Face Recognition HFSecurity
Release on2021-02-205 popular uses of face recognition And what we learned while developing facial recognition applications Artificial intelligence technology has recentl...Read More
The Good and Bad of Biometrics Technology
Release on2021-01-2801.Introduction As part of our ongoing goal, HFSecurity hasturned a passwordless future into reality, and HFSecurity has adoptedbiometrics as a conven...Read More
5 Things to Consider Before Using Biometric Authentication
Release on2021-01-26Peoplehave always thought that having a password that can be kept secret in yourmemory is as good as gold until hackers can fully smash or crack them....Read More
face recognition access control offers safe secure and private workplace security
Release on2020-12-30Face recognition access control provides safe, secure and private workplace security Due to the use of COVID-19, more and more companies are adopting ...Read More
History of Face Recognition & Facial recognition software
Release on2020-12-25A Brief History of Face Recognition Until recently, face recognition technology was still widely regarded as a kind of science fiction. But in the pa...Read More
Facial Recognition for Employee Time Tracking
Release on2020-12-23Facial Recognition For Employee Time Tracking During the pandemic, business owners are now paying more and more attention to contactless ways to track...Read More
How does machine learning change facial recognition technology?
Release on2020-12-15With the perfect storm of digital transformation, we are entering a new era of fast security certification. The fusion of artificial intelligence and ...Read More
Face Recognition vs Face Detection: What’s the difference?
Release on2020-12-11Is it detection or recognition first? Seriously, face recognition has attracted widespread attention and is now considered the most promising applicat...Read More
Facing the future: the use of face recognition today
Release on2020-12-08The future is here. All we have to do is face it. At least this is what the latest facial recognition and detection developers think. I mean, this is ...Read More
How accurate is the facial recognition system? Why is it important?
Release on2020-12-03In just a few years, face recognition capabilities have been significantly improved. According to tests conducted by the National Institute of Standar...Read More
Facial Recognition Is Everywhere. Here’s What We Can Do About It
Release on2020-12-01Facial recognition is a software that can draw, analyze and then confirm the identity of faces in photos or videos. It is one of the most powerful sur...Read More
Face recognition visitor machine makes front desk visitors smarter
Release on2020-11-19Sometimes we know that the speed of social development is too fast, but whenever a technology replaces the previous technology, we are still surprised...Read More
The future development of face recognition will break through the scope of security applications
Release on2020-11-16The future development of face recognition will break through the scope of security applications Biometric identification technology is currently the ...Read More
Face recognition technology may become a new star in the security industry in the future
Release on2020-11-12Face recognition technology may become a new star in the security industry in the future Face recognition technology is widely used, and can be used i...Read More