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Face recognition visitor machine makes front desk visitors smarter
Release on2020-11-19Sometimes we know that the speed of social development is too fast, but whenever a technology replaces the previous technology, we are still surprised...Read More
The future development of face recognition will break through the scope of security applications
Release on2020-11-16The future development of face recognition will break through the scope of security applications Biometric identification technology is currently the ...Read More
Face recognition technology may become a new star in the security industry in the future
Release on2020-11-12Face recognition technology may become a new star in the security industry in the future Face recognition technology is widely used, and can be used i...Read More
The development status and future development trend of face recognition technology
Release on2020-11-04Face recognition, usually also known as portrait recognition and facial recognition, is a biometric technology for identification based on facial feat...Read More
Are there any new developments in access control?
Release on2020-10-30Access control system is referred to as ACS in the smart building field. Refers to the forbidden powers of "door", ie guard "door". Broadly speaking, ...Read More
Do you know fingerprint scanner and facial recognition time attendance machine?
Release on2020-10-28When it comes to attendance machines, we first think of fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, which are currently the most widely used. Now, le...Read More
When COVID-19 is rampant, is there a suitable attendance machine?
Release on2020-10-21So far, the number of confirmed new coronary pneumonia is 12,761996, because its death toll has also reached 1,125,450. There are so many people that ...Read More
How does fingerprint scanner affect our lives?
Release on2020-10-20Before talking about fingerprint scanners, it is necessary to understand biometric technology.What is biometrics? Through the close integration of com...Read More
Will voiceprint recognition be the next face recognition market?
Release on2020-10-13Standing on the two powerful technological outlets of artificial intelligence and biometrics, the market for facial recognition and voiceprint recogni...Read More
Why is the global facial recognition equipment market rising?
Release on2020-10-10Face recognition is a conputer application program, but different from different computer programs, face recognition is a complex computer program wit...Read More
Release on2020-09-17Biometric fingerprint scanners: who are they? what's the effect? The development of biometric technology products has been particularly rapid in the ...Read More
The Knowledge of Face Recognition
Release on2020-09-15Facial recognition technology has developed rapidly in just a few years of the 21st century. According to the research and test of the National Insti...Read More
Why you choose Facial Recognition Access Control System
Release on2020-07-16For modern communities, the access control system is an indispensable component. At present, access control systems are generally divided into two typ...Read More
How to Choose Time Attendance System HFSecurity
Release on2020-07-15Time attendance machine can be said to be one of the biggest applications of biometrics technology. At present, it is understood that biometrics time ...Read More
5 Tips About Fingerprint Scanner Price
Release on2020-07-14A fingerprint scanner is a device used to collect finger fingerprints, and is usually used in places where identification is required. The fingerpri...Read More
Is Facial Recognition Access Control A Good Choice?
Release on2020-07-13The access control system can provide a variety of credentials, but in the past few years, biometric technology has really become popular. Although fi...Read More
Advantages of biometric technology in building access control systems
Release on2020-04-20Application of biometric technology in access control systems With the continuous development of biometric technology and the continuous growth of tec...Read More
After face recognition and fingerprint recognition, another recognition was "burst out", i
Release on2020-04-14After face recognition and fingerprint recognition, another recognition was "burst out", inspired by "Three Body" In the era of artificial intelligenc...Read More
After the epidemic, the public access control system may face four major changes
Release on2020-04-13[Abstract] After the outbreak, it was found that in public places such as stations and airports, many entrances and exits that require the use of ID c...Read More
With the development of the integration of new technologies, the access control system will continue
Release on2020-02-13The access control system, as the name implies, is a system that controls entrances and exits. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks....Read More