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Face recognition automatic attendance system is what our business needs

  • 作者:HFSecurity
  • 发布时间::2020-12-15

Facial recognition temperature measurement time and attendance system uses biometric feature technology, this technology is based on the facial information characteristics of the human body to perform a job on identity verification. Yes, it sounds very advanced, but all of us have lived in a century, and almost everything related to this technology is possible. Don't be surprised if you find any technology that you never thought of. For example, none of us thought that foldable smart phones or TVs were so thin, but here, we live in an advanced age where everything is possible. Similarly, we are going to discuss developments that have changed a lot in the past few years, but this increase takes them to another level. Applicable to the attendance system of any office, school or any other place where employees need to sign in before their names when they arrive and leave. After that, we continue to move forward and develop a biometric fingerprint attendance system for ease. Fingerprint technology can produce reliable results, so it has become popular in enterprises. Now, in this modern era, we welcome the face recognition automatic attendance system, which is very useful in almost every place in the world. From easy integration to automation, error-free employee attendance tracking, etc., the face recognition attendance system was invented for many special reasons, and it has brought good news to every business.

How does facial recognition work?

We remember people by recognizing our faces. You are already familiar with their facial features, eyes, nose and mouth and how they fit together. This is how the facial recognition system works, but its logarithmic range is large. For example, all people in your office store their images in one or more facial recognition databases to make them work. Let us take a deeper look at how facial recognition works.

Step 1: Capture a picture of your face from photos or videos. In other words, your facial information can appear in a certain scene alone or in a group of people.. Your image may show you looking straight ahead or close to the outline.

Step 2: The face recognition automatic attendance system reads the geometric shape of your face and starts to match key features, such as the distance between the eyes and the distance between the forehead and the chin. Therefore, the system will recognize 68 features on the face to distinguish your face.

Step 3: Compare your facial signature with a database of known faces.

Step 4: Make sure. Your facial expression may match the image in the facial recognition system database. Biometrics facial recognition automatic attendance system

Facial Recognition Device

Where to use facial recognition?

At the airport

The facial recognition system can monitor people entering and leaving the airport. The government can use this technology to identify people whose visas have expired or are under criminal investigation. The facial recognition system can catch imposters trying to enter the country.

Mobile phone manufacturer in the product

Apple first used facial recognition technology to unlock iPhone X, and then continued to use iPhone XS. When you access your phone, Face ID will verify your identity and make sure you are yourself. Therefore, this technology can be successfully used to unlock mobile phones. Technically, unlocking a mobile phone is about one in a million.

School in the classroom

The facial recognition attendance system can essentially play a role. If you decide to drop classes, your professor may know. Don't even consider sending a witty roommate to take the exam.

Social media companies on the website

When you upload photos to the platform, Facebook uses an algorithm to recognize faces. The social media company asks if you want to tag people in the photo. If you choose yes, it will create a link to his profile. Facebook can recognize faces with 98% accuracy. Therefore, now your social media applications can also use facial recognition.

Entrance and restricted area business

Some companies have already used security badges for facial recognition systems. In addition to safety, this may be a way of face-to-face time with the boss. The face recognition attendance system is also used to enter and exit employees.

Religious groups in places of worship

Temples and churches can use facial recognition to scan people's faces to ensure safety.

Retailer in store

Retailers combine surveillance cameras and facial recognition to scan shoppers’ faces. One goal: to identify suspicious people and potential shoplifters.

Airline at the gate

You may be used to having agents scan your boarding pass at the boarding gate to board the plane.

Marketers and advertisers in the campaign

Marketers often consider factors such as gender, age, and race when targeting groups of products or ideas. Even in events such as concerts, facial recognition can be used to define these audiences.

Facial biometric system for security

The facial biometric system has been used as a security measurement in the most senior institutions and workplaces to ensure that there is no sabotage. Facial recognition solutions have always been a major part of the security field.

The reasons are as follows: 1. Crime recognition authorities can breathe a sigh of relief through the facial recognition system. Its database contains all the information about criminals, making it easier to catch them. If the sensor recognizes the face through the algorithm, and the face matches, it will be a win-win! Face recognition software can even prevent crime before it happens. When someone is monitoring you, SurveillanceCrimes will not be implemented. Facial recognition can track everyone in crowded places. Banking services banks use this artificial intelligence product as a security measure to detect the entry of any suspects that have not been found. Basically, the artificial intelligence technology adopted by banks is to avoid bank fraud.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

RA08T Facial Recognition Temperature Access Control Device with HDMI 

Office use of face recognition automatic system

A. School, university mall
B. Department store
C. UAV combined with face recognition system
D. Airport, train station and bus station hospital
E. Unlock phone
F. Smart advertising
G. Search for missing persons
H. Identify people on social media platforms
I. Promote safe transactions
G. Control access to sensitive areas
K. Make air travel more convenient
L. Verify identity on ATM

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

Advantages of face recognition automatic attendance system:

1. Automatic time tracking system

Since it can track a person's facial features, it can simplify the reported attendance, absence, and over time through facial features or recognition process. Automated program event tracking means that there is no need for any additional staff to monitor the viewing system during normal working hours. The system will automatically register for regular entry and exit of the office and purposeful visits by employees to certain areas of the office. Employees of many companies must go through a rigorous process to generate attendance opportunities in order to generate monthly wages that may be problematic. However, this facial recognition time attendance system enables companies to quickly, accurately and effectively automate other parts of the business, such as salary and bonus calculations. Therefore, even if you have difficulty attending the meeting on the last day of each month, you can do it easily.

2. Error-free time and attendance tracking

We know that the world is full of fraud and human error, but this tracking system allows you to spot employees who are dishonest about your time of entry and exit. Time is a key element of every business. If you are running a company, you know better than us. Using the face recognition attendance system can eliminate human error. Regardless of whether it is intentional or not, erroneous input timeouts and timeout issues are eliminated.

3. Extensive security

In addition to accurately identifying employees' attendance, biometric recognition technology also allows you to track visitors. Since the system only recognizes facial features registered in the employee's facial database, the intruder will not be able to access the building's house. In this case, the facial recognition system can provide an important basis for security investigations and ensure your safety, because any intruder will think twice before entering the premises.

4. Eliminate time theft

Many times, you may encounter problems with working hours with employees. Well, the salary of employees depends on the number of hours they work, and many times the actual time may be different from the described time. It can be beneficial or unfavorable to employees. However, with the face recognition attendance system, the proof of working hours can be checked through the software integrated into the company's attendance database. Now, employees cannot change the time they go to work or leave work. Even the number of hours they spend on overtime is limited by the system.

5. Friends check in

Hole punching is common in offices. Of course, partners in the office can naturally prevent colleagues from receiving late and absent notices. With a facial recognition system, partners cannot use their faces to punch holes for others. Now, the only way for employees to avoid being late is to arrive at the office on time.

6. Reduce infection

Traditional attendance tracking systems require physical intervention. Sick employees touching biometric recognition machines with dirty hands can also cause many others to be infected. But now that the world has seen the coronavirus pandemic, you may risk your life. This technological advancement eliminated the onset of disease. Since the facial recognition time attendance system uses images of employees without any physical contact, it can eliminate infectious diseases such as colds and viruses. Reduce infection

7. Easy to operate

The biometric facial recognition system allows employees to enter the building without putting items aside. With this technology, they only need to stand in front of the device and wait to be recognized. Once the system recognizes their facial features, it immediately records their attendance. The biometric system or facial recognition attendance system makes it easier to track operating time and attendance. It draws facial features from photos or videos based on the employee information database. Facial recognition system can be used in various scenarios, such as security, school, subway boarding, etc.. From monitoring to the most important thing is to track employee attendance. We strongly recommend that you migrate your system to an automatic facial recognition system to gain the advantage of significantly increasing productivity and reducing costs, which every business wants. Now, without the need for manual input or clock input, physical contact biometric attendance can be cancelled, and more advanced methods can be adopted. Since most modern facial recognition systems can complete facial recognition in less than two seconds, the introduction of facial recognition can reduce these inefficiencies. This is just a matter of collecting employee images at the time of entry.

Access control

If you have any inquiries about biometrics, you can contact us.

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